Broadway Licensing Production Resource
Broadway Licensing Production Resource
Broadway Licensing Production Resource

The team at Broadway Licensing is excited to offer production resources to help you with your show!

Music & Audio

Right On Cue Services

Available on select productions.

Whether it be professional theatre or a middle school production, Right On Cue Services provides the perfect musical accompaniment for your show. ROCS provides customizable software that integrates with backing tracks and allows for real time control of tempo, key, and other characteristics.

Broadway Licensing offers rehearsal and performance tracks through Right On Cue Services. All orders for ROCS products are directed through your licensing specialist.


Available on A Bronx Tale, BKLYN, Head Over Heels, Summer, Bat Boy, Ride the Cyclone, and more select productions.

Sound like Broadway with KeyboardTEK! KeyboardTEK provides original Broadway keyboard programming that gives any educational, community, or professional theater access to hard-to-replicate sounds, instruments, and patches that are crucial to the orchestration. Easy-to-use and playable for pit musicians of all levels, in many cases KeyboardTEK offers the programming from the original production for keyboards, drums, and percussion all in one easy-to-download software package right from their website. Licensing programming from KeyboardTEK will elevate your orchestra or pit band to the fullest using only the most authentic sounds.

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TurnKey Transposition

Available on select productions.

Broadway stars change the keys of songs all the why not you? Optimize your actors' performances by ordering our TurnKey Transposition. Get the perfect key for the perfect actor! All digital delivery, usually within 24 hours.

Keyboard Patch Designer

Available on select productions.

Today’s Broadway orchestrators use an endless array of sounds and virtual instruments as an intrinsic part of their arrangements. Broadway Licensing’s Keyboard Patch Designer organizes all of the keyboard patch sequences for you already through Mainstage—the #1 choice by top Broadway pit musicians.

Digital Orchestration Parts

Available on select productions.

Prefer playing or rehearsing from your tablet? All our orchestration scores (including PC and PV) are available in digital copies.

Full Conductor Score

Available on select productions.

Planning to stick-conduct your performances from the podium? Or just want a more detailed approach to your orchestra rehearsals? Broadway Licensing’s Full Conductor’s Score allows you to see every note and every detail of all the instruments in your orchestra!

Performance Tracks

Available on select productions.

Our top-quality digital performance tracks are sent to you through a simple link. Quickly download them to your computer, tablet or smartphone and start rehearsing.

Vocal Reference Track

Available on select productions.

Vocal reference tracks are an important tool for getting ears oriented within a listening environment.

Sound Effects Package

Available on select productions.

No more sifting through your script and scouring the internet to find the sound effects that you need for your production. Broadway Licensing’s Sound Effects package is your easy solution to having it all in one simple digital file!

Click Tracks

Available on select productions.

In the absence of a live string quartet, a sequenced version of the string parts, along with click tracks are available for this title. For more information, please contact your licensing representative.

Scenic Projections

Bring Boddy Manor to life! Broadway Media's Clue Scenic Projections™ are here to provide all the scenes and settings for your next production of Clue. Clue Scenic Projections™ are perfectly tailored to your script, making using digital scenery simple and affordable so you can focus on what matters.

Broadway Media’s scenic projections are built as a resource for theatres to provide new technical roles for students, flexible space-sharing, the ability to mount large-scale productions, and save theatres budget and time. Designed to make great production value simple and more affordable than traditional set design, Broadway Media’s digital scenery resources combine easy-to-use projection software and beautiful artistry from award-winning designers.

Clue Scenic Projections™ include:

Full digital scenery packages for Clue, featuring every scene, setting, and magic moment for an absorbing theatrical experience.

  • Animated Videos
  • Every Scene and Setting
  • Fully Programmed Cues
  • Integrated Cue Sheet
  • Mac and PC Software
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • 4-week license

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Additional Books

Additional Books

Additional books (Cast Script / Vocal, Piano / Conductor, etc.) are available.

Combined Cast Script/Vocal Book

Few things are more frustrating for an actor than rehearsing a scene and having to cross-reference between two books for dialogue and their vocal parts. Broadway Licensing combines the actors’ script and vocal book into one book. And even more, all internal dialogue within the song is contained within the vocal book. No more stressful flipping!

Director’s Script

8.5x11 Single-sided, spiral bound script for Directors. Plenty of space for blocking and notes.

Stage Manager’s Script

The first thing most Stage Managers do when they receive their script is to cut out the binding, 3-hole punch and put in their binder along with all of their various other information. Broadway Licensing already does the work.

Advance Pack

Start planning your sets, costumes, blocking and more as soon as you order with a Broadway Licensing Advance Pack! Includes 1 Piano/Conductor Score, 1 Director’s Script and 1 Cast Script/Vocal Score shipped as soon as payment is received.