Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

Based on the bestselling children’s book series, Kylie Carson has a big problem: she’s different. And different isn’t necessarily a good thing in 7th grade. She loves vampires, zombies, and all things pertaining to monster movies–one of the many reasons why kids at her new school avoid her like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. To sweeten up her image–and find a place where she belongs–Kylie starts a cupcake club (Peace, Love & Cupcakes), attended by three other socially invisible girls. Together, they forge a powerful friendship, figure out how to create crowd-pleasing cupcakes, and become a booming baking business that would make Martha Stewart envious. But when Meredith Mitchell, Blakely Middle School’s resident Queen Bee, tries to sabotage their efforts, will Kylie have the courage to stand up to the bully and bring the school together? A musical that celebrates kid power, friendship, and standing up for who you are and what you believe in.

9F, 4M (Flexible)
80 Min



Rick Hip-Flores

Rick Hip-Flores

Book, Music and Lyrics Rick Hip-Flores has written music and lyrics to Neon Mirage (Humana Festival, 2006), My New York (Vital Theater), Dido and Aeneas (Prospect Theater), and the Columbia Varsity Show. He has also composed scores for Tartuffe and As You...

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Leader of the Cupcake Club. A quirky, slightly awkward, nervous new girl--described as having “weird taste in clothes and freckles on her nose.” The butt of everyone’s jokes, she struggles with self-doubt and finding a place she fits in amidst the school social scene.

One of The Cupcake Club. A shy, demure girl, who “tends to disappear” around her peers until she finds her voice and her power as a member of PLC.

One of The Cupcake Club. Jenna is vivacious, loquacious, and the “golden tastebuds” of PLC--she knows everything about flavors and ingredients.

One of The Cupcake Club. Captain of the Blakely Bears Basketball team, she years to be looked upon as something other than a “dumb jock.” She is physically tall and athletic; skilled with dribbling a basketball or twirling it on her finger.

Leader of The Blah Girls (popular girls). Snide, snarky and self-absorbed, Meredith is Blakely’s Queen Bee who rules by fear, intimidation and a massive Instagram following. At her core, there is insecurity, vulnerability and the need--as much as anyone else--to feel loved.

Mrs. Ludwig

Mr. Ludwig

Nerdy Boy




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Book, Music, & Lyrics by
Rick Hip-Flores

Based on the book by
Sheryl Berk & Carrie Berk

Commissioned and originally produced by Vital Theatre Company