A contemporary musical set in London with a rich and complex musical score. The journey of the LIFT takes one minute (or thereabouts) but the journey of the show takes us through a minute within everyone’s imagination, allowing us to say and see things that might not be possible in real life.

4F, 4M + Ensemble
75 MIN


Craig Adams

Craig Adams

Book & Lyrics Craig Adams is a composer, lyricist, and arranger. He was the Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer at the Finborough Theatre, facilitated by Mercury Musical Developments and Musical Theatre Network UK. Craig’s first musical...

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Ian Watson

Ian Watson

Book Ian is a playwright, scriptwriter and copywriter. He graduated from film school in the early 90s and has written scripts in most media from radio to TV, stage and film and was also a newspaper columnist for several years. He has...

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Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch

Developers Perfect Pitch is a not-for-profit theatre company, supported by Arts Council England, dedicated to creating new British musicals. Established in 2006, by independent producers Wendy and Andy Barnes, Perfect Pitch work in close...

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8 Musicians

String Quartet (or Click Track)


Male - Late 20s/Early 30s
Rock quality. Possibly guitar player. Actor/musician. The Busker is a daydreamer and the main observer and narrator in LIFT; a songwriter confused about love.

Female - Late 20s/Early 30s
In love with her boss. Bright Young Thing who we see refuses to call her by her name. We only hear the first letter, ‘K’. The Secretary is committed and hardworking, living by her (or his) schedule secretly dreaming of a spontaneous romance or break from routine in the name of love.

Ballet Dancer
Male - Late Teens/Early 20s
Dancer in training at ballet school in London, leading a double life. In London he is openly gay, but we learn he is yet to come out back home and still has a fiancé, Sarah. On the surface he is talented, vain, cocky, sexual and a show-off. Behind the banter and the teasing we see Ballet Dancer is frustrated and confused at living a lie.

Lap Dancer
Female - Late Teens/Early 20s
In love with her friend, Ballet Dancer, knowing that he is gay. Her real name is Kate, but she calls herself Sarah at work. She is hurt, abrasive, defensive and takes cocaine. The Lap Dancer’s journey t hrough the show is her struggle to remain friends with the boy who has unknowingly broken her heart. She spends time with French Teacher, whose ex - girlfriend paid for her sessions to encourage her to become more sexually confident. She plays a part in heal ing French Teacher’s wounds and in doing so recognizes her own heartbreak

Bright Young Thing (BYT)
Male - Mid 30s
Businessman. Masculine, hard-working, enjoys striving for power and success. Belongs to a big corporate company and hides behind computer screens whether at work or on dating websites. Believes in separating feelings from business; hence never calling the Secretary by her name and unaware that she is in love with him.

French Teacher
Female - Early 30s
A French Teacher who has had a short relationship with a woman she was teaching, Sarah, who has left her abruptly for Paris. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is hurt by the girl who led her into a surprising and thrilling new way of life only to abandon her.

Avatar/American Tourist (TDH)
Male - Mid 30s
Tall, Dark and Handsome Male tourist in the lift: takes the role of male avatar on dating website.

Avatar/American Tourist (AWT)
Female - Late Teens/Early 20s
Athletic & Wearing A Thong Female tourist in the lift: takes the role of female avatar on dating website.

Production Materials

Included in your license are the following cast and crew scripts. These materials will be shipped 60 days prior to the first performance.

10 Cast Script/Vocal Books

A combination of the show’s full script and the full vocal book. All dialogue within each song is printed in the score to prevent flipping back and forth during rehearsals. All books are spiral-bound and double-sided.

2 Director’s Scripts

A single-sided, spiral-bound script designed with plenty of space for the director to take notes and add blocking during the rehearsal process.

1 Stage Manager’s Script

A single-sided, three-hole punched script that can be inserted into your three-ring binder.

1 Piano/Conductor Score

A keyboard score that is a key part of the show’s actual orchestration. This score contains both vocal parts and a cue staff, which guides the conductor through the full orchestration by informing them when instruments enter the song, as well as providing specific part lines when necessary.

1 Piano/Vocal Score


Bass, Guitar, Drums, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello

Promotional Resources

LIFT Logo Pack

Official Logo Pack

Included with license

Includes color and black and white high-resolution logo files in JPG, PNG, and EPS formats.

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LIFT Official Show Artwork

Official Show Artwork

£129.5 / £92.5 for educators

Creating artwork for your performance has never been easier – customize online in minutes, download a print-ready PDF, order printed posters, access layered files.

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LIFT Promotion Kit & Social Media Guide

Social Media Marketing Kit

£185 / £111 for educators

Includes everything you need to plan and implement the promotion of your show – 50+ graphics for social media, original show specific content, social media guide, promotion calendar and press release template.

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Production Resources

Advance Pack

1 Piano/Vocal Score, 1 Director’s Script and 1 Cast Script/Vocal Score shipped as soon as payment is received.


Extra Rehearsal Weeks

If you need your full set of production materials prior to the regularly scheduled shipment (60 days prior to the first performance ), you can request additional weeks.

£73.67 / week

Additional Books

Additional books (Cast Script/Vocal, Piano/Conductor, etc.) are available.

£18.42 each


Book & Lyrics by
Craig Adams

Book by
Ian Watson

Developed by
Perfect Pitch