The Pirate La Dee Da

The Pirate La Dee Da is a mixed-up fairytale musical loosely based on the true story of a princess who wanted to break free from her traditional role. So she ran away from home and became a pirate. And not just any ordinary pirate, the most feared pirate on The Seven Seas.

5F, 5M
75-85 Min



Gabrielle Allan

Gabrielle Allan

Book Gabrielle Allan is an Emmy award winning writer living in Los Angeles. She began her career in television, most notably writing for and producing SCRUBS. She then partnered with Jen Crittenden and together they wrote the film,...

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Jennifer Crittenden

Jennifer Crittenden

Book Jennifer Crittenden is an Emmy award winning writer living in Los Angeles. She began her career writing monologue jokes for David Letterman. From there, she went on to write for THE SIMPSONS, SEINFELD, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, and...

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Nate Weida

Nate Weida

Music & Lyrics Nate Weida is a composer and writer living in New York City. He has written 10 musicals has been a regular musical director for The Possibility Project’s Foster Care Program and Atlantic Theater Company’s Kids...

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1 Musician

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Princess La Dee Da
A rebellious tomboy who has spent the last 18 years fighting the constraints of being Princess and has just about had enough. She comes to learn that the hierarchy and traditions she’s been fighting against are actually what will empower her to make social change and bring equality to her kingdom.

King Gudferd
La Dee Da’s father. Gudferd is a strict traditionalist which makes sense considering it was his father, King Gorm The Old, who invented traditions in the first place. His goal is to amass as much wealth as possible and if that means exploiting his subjects, sacrificing his daughter’s happiness, and hiding gold in his underpants, so be it.

Queen Margrethe
La Dee Da’s mother who dreamed of having a little girl she could dress up in pink. La Dee Da is her greatest disappointment.

Whiddy is La Dee Da’s nursemaid who also happens to have the ability to morph herself into any animal she wants. Unfortunately, she’s old (500 years) and the morphing takes a lot out of her. She often forgets what form she’s in and tries to bargain at the village marketplace as a dragon.

Prince Marlon
Marlon is the Prince of the neighboring kingdom, Clementine. He enjoys writing stories and performing them for anyone who will watch – usually people shackled in his father’s dungeon. He’s smart and creative in a time where brawn is valued over brains.

King Erick the Unreasonable
Marlon’s Father is enmeshed in rivalry with Gudferd that traces back to their fathers and their fathers before them. Erick used to be content with being the second most powerful king in the land but he has a new wife who wants him to be number one and he’d do anything to please her.

Queen Dagny
She is Erick’s second wife: part evil step-mother, part trophy wife. She never wanted kids and since there are no boarding schools in the area, her hope is that Erick’s son Marlon just dies.

Captain Grizzlebeard
A fierce pirate who, after a lifetime of pillaging and plundering, is ready for retirement. He looks forward to leaving the sea behind him and opening up a little snack shack on the beach.

The only pirate on the high seas who can’t grow a beard. He hates his nickname and is constantly pitching new ones but the crew won’t have it. He even poked his own eye out hoping the name “One Eyed Jack” would stick. It didn’t. He’ll always be Nobeard.

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Book by
Gabrielle Allan & Jennifer Crittenden

Music, Lyrics & Musical Direction by
Nate Weida