Another Night Before Christmas

Karol, a disillusioned social worker, is trudging home one cold December night when she encounters an old man sitting on a park bench. Mistaking him for homeless, Karol offers the stranger some food — a seemingly innocent gesture, until he turns up in her apartment claiming to be Santa Claus. Thanks to a malfunctioning security system, Karol finds herself trapped with “Mr. Claus” and forced to confront her feelings about Christmas once and for all in this touching musical battle between cynicism and belief.

1F, 1M
120 Min



Sean Grennan

Sean Grennan

Book and Lyrics An actor for many years, Sean began writing for the theatre as co-librettist (with his wife, Kathy Santen) for the musical Phantom of the Country Opera which debuted at the Marriott Theatre at Lincolnshire (MTI). His play...

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Leah Okimoto

Leah Okimoto

Music Leah Okimoto has written three musicals with bookwriter/lyricist/actor Sean Grennan. Married Alive!, A Dog’s Life, and Another Night Before Christmas have each premiered at the American...

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"It's a tale with a twist for all ages...insightful, while delightfully entertaining. The theatre was awash with applause and laughter."

Taylor Pero, Associated Content

"Not the usual holiday entertainment, it's a tall cool club soda after a quart of egg nog."

Derek Donovan, Kansas City Star

"...roaringly funny, yet chock-full of thoughtful commentary on the season, people and what Christmas really means."

Robert L. McKinney, Special to the Herald Courier


Karol Elliot
Female - 30s-40s
She's attractive, verbally fast but cynical in an endearing way. She's very tired of the world. A social worker, she wants to help people but increasingly, she's losing faith in them. She's logical to a fault. And beyond.

The Guy
Male - 50s-60s
Also very fast, mischievous, somewhat hip; loves nonsense. Tonight, he's on a mission. At first he seems a disoriented homeless person but later is quite sharp and to the point. Even in this, he is unfailingly kind and almost childlike. A man-child.

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